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Oblique Love
Snuggled next to you in bed
My chest a pillow for your head
I stroke your hair with my right hand
My mind is flying, it cannot land

We lie there talking for several hours
Our friendship one of loves great powers
Discussing how we truly feel
No arguments, no need for appeal

An obstacle always seems to be there
Always stupid and usually unfair
Almost always it's my fault
Lock my mouth away in a vault

But sometimes you are quick to judge
Judgements made from an old grudge
I'm not those men that you once knew
Don't stir me into that male stew

Your mind is changeable and confused
It gets me frustrated and I feel used
You said and you acted that you loved me
Now you've shut the door and thrown the key

It puts my life and mind in a whirl
Like an ambivalent dervish forgetting to twirl
You recapture me with a touch and a smile
It seems very practiced as part of your style

Is there any such thing as a happy death
Where peace comes from not taking a breath
While your body lies exceedingly still
And the only feelings you have are nil

Is there a guarantee that I'll find peace
If my life were to suddenly cease
It's up to debate and hard to decide
'Cause you can't cognate after you've died

Is there a chance that if I stay alive
That our love will continue to survive
And we can live our lives together
Loving each other always and forever