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Your Birth
The day after you were born
A cloud hung in my heart
I wasn't sure what it was
But I knew it from the start

I couldn't fall in love at all
Feelings had no place with me
It never occured to me why
But the future I couldn't see

I thought I knew what feelings were
But all I had were false
My clouded mind was holding back
Just starts and quickly halts

My mind became philosophical
It started at your birth
My life was preordained
When you came upon the Earth

I didn't know you'd come along
And clear my shrouded heart
But when we met I realized
We were not to be apart

And as the years went slowly by
I lived a meaningless life
But when we found each other
I knew you should be my wife

The sky became a clearer blue
The stars shown very bright
The ocean churned with excitement
The moon gave off more light

My heart was filled with feelings
Of love and passion and peace
That's why you were born
When together they'll increase

On the day after you were born
It was destined from above
I feel it in my heart and soul
It was you I was meant to love