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Welcome to the website all about literature, especially poetry. So sit back and enjoy all the great things this page has to offer. PLEASE, if you have any poetry or any other kind of literature that you don't mind sharing, use the submission form OR E-mail it to me at You can also reach me on ICQ.

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Update: February 9, 2004
New Poem
This month's new poem is by Emily Morris, called Liberation and Jubilation.  If you have a poem, story, or essay that you would like posted, click here.

Due to technical difficulties, the guestbook had to be replaced, and all the entries have been lost.  Please
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Update: January 5, 2004
We're Baaack!
Hi everyone.  It's been a VERY long time, but this website has finally been updated!  My degree is finished, so I have a little more time on my hands.  I apologize to those of you who have sent me your literature without any response.  You are welcome to send it to me again now, and I will try to post it.  Have a great New Year!


Update: Tuesday, May 30 2000
We Have a Winner!
Poetry Fountain features a variety of literature including classic poems, love poems, inspirational poems, submitted poems, stories, essays. You can also apply for awards and take an intelligence test. This place has lots to do and see, take a look.

New Poems
This month, there are new poems by Juliette, Twilight and Woei Hern. Click on poems to read these and other poetry.

Update: Wednesday, May 24 2000
Hybrid is Finished!
I've finally posted the remaining chapters of my short story. It sure took me long enough.
Click here to read Hybrid. Enjoy!

Award Reminder
Just to let everyone know, the Cafe Site of the Month is still up for grabs this month. Submit you sites to with the subject "Award." And please have your entries in by the end of the month. Thanks.

Update: Sunday, April 30 2000
And the Winner is...
The Story Domain- Submit your stories, poetry, comics, or any other writings to Story Domain for online publication. Or you can read some interesting ones by amateur authors.

If you have a literary site that deserves recognition, email with a description of what your site has to offer and it will be reviewed for our monthly award.

New poet
We have some new poems by Sam Silva this month. Trout Creek Press, a small press in Or. that published
about half of his books has listings with the big internet bookstores....information of the suchlike was put on Poetry Super Highway last week. They featured Sam Silva with a west coast poet.

Moonglow-Poetry in Motion
Fiction as Truth
Black Orchid


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