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Liberation and Jubilation

Stark realisation burns in the clear grey depths
His eyebrow quirking and a slight smile curving his mouth
As he watches the slender blonde, her icy composure very appealing to him
She stands at the centre of a circle of men, her eyes darting over their heads
Avoiding the intimacy that they long to share with her,

He recalls the time when she would have lapped up the attention
In times gone by, she was the life and soul of the party
But events conspired to dull her appetite for socialising
She will project a front but he can see the emptiness and loneliness behind her gaze

The blue silk whirls as she moves, her every step mesmerising the male party goers
Without looking back she steps through the patio doors, into the cool breeze
A sigh of relief escapes her lips, as her skin is cooled from the intolerable heat
She never wanted to come to the party, but had bowed to external pressures,

Her gaze sweeps over the gardens, the sound of water trickling reaches her ears
The lion's mouth opened wide in a enraged roar, it's canines discoloured with age
Her mind's eye recalls when that fountain, served as a paddling pool
Cooling down in the icy waters, during the halcyon childhood summers.

He walks to the doorway, and watches the water trickle from behind the sapphire blind
The ivory hand comes up, wiping at the saline drop
Conjured by a painful memory that she longs to forget
With careful steps he approaches, wary of startling her

A gentle hand brushes at her shoulder, the touch startling her
Her head turns, sapphire duelling with grey
His breath catches in his throat, at the sight of her close up
The delicate features of her heart shaped face gaining a rosy sheen
The fading sun sinking beneath the horizon, it's last tendrils pawing at the sky

She is surprised to see him here; his face belongs to her past,
Memories of small dinner parties, and pub lunches
Trips to the summer house down in Devon,
They had been close but eight years have passed since their last contact

He wraps her up in a warm hug, savouring the warmth of her skinny frame in his arms
As they catch up on the missing years, the skies darken
A single drop of rain tumbles from the heavens, hitting the bare skin of her arm,
Closely followed by a plethora of its brethren, breaking their connection

Grasping her hand, the two run over the slippery green grass,
The silence of the night broken by the sound of the downpour
He leads her unerringly, their footsteps flying over the damp green
An old summerhouse peeks out of the torrential rain

Its gabled roof speaks volumes of its age and disuse, cobwebs covering the curlicues
The windows covered with a film of grime, and the door jamb festooned with cobwebs
He swiftly twists the knob, letting the two of them inside
The mustiness of the damp furniture rising up at their entrance, its foul smell swirling

Through the thick air, tickling at their noses relentlessly
She sneezes, the noise cutting through the silence in the room
Instantly he shrugs out of his overcoat, covering her shivering form
Hiding the slender frame underneath a layer of sodden wool
The woollen shield replacing the icy one

She turns to thank him, but the words freeze in her throat
As she sees the desire burning in his eyes, it scares her
The very idea of trusting a man is not one that she is prepared for right now
He swallows her attempted explanation, absorbing it into himself

She pushes forcefully at his chest, needing to be free from his restraining arms
The combination of scents twined with the fervent emotion hitting in waves
Is too much for her, the room closes in on her,
Bile rising in her throat, she has to get out,

Twirling on a heel she races out into the wild stormy night,
Desperate to outrun the memories and the torment,
He refuses to let go, his fingers grasping at her coat,
The damp fabric slipping away from his hold, resisting the capture of its wearer

His voice cracks underneath the monotony of the rain, as he begs her to stay
He's wanted this for so long, that he's not prepared to let her slip away
She pauses in her headlong flight, hearing the sincerity and concern in his deep voice

Thoughts whirl through her mind with the speed of a roller coaster,
Does she really want to keep running from every man who shows an interest?
Gazing into his crystal clear eyes, she sees all the truth that was lacking in her husband's
Waiting on tenterhooks, all of his insecurities are gone in the kiss

No more running

Copyright E. Morris 2003