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God's River

High in mountains past the green of the hill
Through the mystical canyon
lives a lake named "Surreal"

Might and proud surrounded by pine
He boast that " No beauty is equal to mine"
My waters are as pure as the fresh fallen snow.
And "I have risen supreme to all that's below"

I will send down a river to bare witness of me.
Letting everybody know I am superior to thee.
Leaping over the shore, pounding the ground
the river came rushing with a thunderous sound.

Babbling and Shouting, Canyon walls echoes
Repeat an aquaocentric message of pride and conceit.
Displaying its beauty in a misty waterfall while singing
"I am the purest The purest of all"

Around the bend towards the valley,
Then a sudden change in pace and
A look of shock on the rivers proud face.
Once a raging river , now mild and meek
In owe of the ocean too scared to speak.

This body of water with no end in sight
Has humbled the river now flowing with fright.

The arms of the Ocean stretched out far and wide
As the silent river is swallowed inside.
The ocean embraced the river with love
Welcomed it home from the waters above.

He explained to the river as they stolid hand in hand
That at one time " We covered the mountains and land.
When we resided some of as stayed to nurture the plant
And creatures God saved"

The river met waters from far away lands, made friends
with a brook that flowed from Japan.

" God made one body of water like he made
one body of man and to return back to one is
just part of his plan"