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For those of you who don't know, this is a stream of consciousness, not a poem. It is simply a random progression of thoughts. You might not understand parts of it, but that's okay. Try making your own. They're fun!


okay just go type anything it doesn't matter Geez I don't know what to write I'm no good at this kind of thing hmmm I thought I would have a lot of interesting thoughts to write but I don't Okay stop thinking about all the things that you don't have to write it's boring minuit just went up the stairs to the balcony what a cute cat I wish I had a cat but I don't I have a dog I like my dog but I never get to see him anymore I wish I was living over there instead of here I'm so tired of school but even when I move over there I still have to go to school But at least it'll be a dfferent school I'm kinda scared of college I need a change in my life though wow I've written a lot about nothing This isn't so hard No one would want to read it except for me because it's so boring I can't believe someone wrote a whole book of stream of consciousness I would get bored of it after the first page I guess it's like my english teacher says it's interesting to see where the human mind will take you It goes all over the place thinking of a billion different things at once Brains are mysterious things no one knows much about them even with all the technology that we have I think technology is highly over-rated It would be much better if we all still lived in trees Much better for the earth anyway Look at what we've done to it All the pollution and radiation That program about chernobyl really got me thinking And that one about atomic bombs too Or was that all the same program I don't know then there was that other program about global warming and the coming ice age Two conflicting events I wonder what will happen I don't know how long this screwed-up world will last I doubt it'll be much longer Humans keep on messing it up That's so silly that there's people who believe that aliens will come and save us when the world ends and that only believers will be saved What kind of crap is that Mind control that's what it is Cults seem to be becoming more and more popular as the millenium approaches Actually I think all religion is like mind control in a way Not as extreme as cults of course That book about women who rule the world and control all the men by making up a religion about how women are godesses and should be worshipped That's how they kept men from thinking for themselves I think that book was really a statement on how religion can control us and weaken our spirit It really made me think about religion Oh I know that's not really all there is to religion maybe only a small little bit of it Religion is just a futile attempt by humanity to explain why we're here I think that science is a much more reliable way to figure that out I'd rather believe in science than religion That reminds me of another book Contact The book was much better than the movie It gives you more to think about I do believe that science and religion can live together They both reach for the same goal I suppose We all want to know why we're here so it doesn't matter which path you choose to discover the answer After all these years we still haven't got a clue Well it's 11:38 maybe I should stop now because I have to go to school soon Aaaaah I don't want to go to school At least I only have two blocks and then I can come home Then I have to study for that chemistry test Oh I hope I do well on it If I don't I'm sure to get a bad mark I need a B in that course so I need to get an A on this test Well I don't NEED to I should say I WANT to Okay I'm stopping cause my hand are getting cold


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