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The Train

Last night I faced the truth,
last night I killed the lies,
last night I entered the Twilight Zone when I closed my eyes

As I faded from lucidity
I fell in a pool of serenity.
The Only Passenger on an old time train
Shooting through the misty rain.
Grassy covered rolling hills splashed with
Poppies and old windmills.

The nightmare of reality was absent from my mind.
I did not know my destiny or what I left behind.
I did not try to remember for something told me it was bad. So I focused
on the
that at present time I had.

The whistle on the Grand Old Train blew steady as we slowed. A tiny town
on a hill
So beautiful it glowed.
Birds of colors flew about.
Not sparrows, crows, or hawks, but pretty ones like cockatoos, parrots,
Flowers in full blown everywhere, of every kind
spelling magic in the air
intoxicating my mind.

The conductor slightly startled me as he called
out the final destiny “willowbee...
Next stop Willowbee”.

Willowbee, Willowbee, this name was familiar to me.
In a flash it seemed to be so clear to me.
Although I don’t recall willowbee.
This all must mean the end of me
and the beginning of eternity

And this train that I happened upon is the one
They speak of in the song.
The one that the world awaits
With a one way ticket to Heaven’s Gates.

Off the train to solid ground
lifting my head and gazing around
Hearing the colors, feeling the sounds
Who I was, from where I came, mattered not...

Not even name
Compared to peace that dwelled within
I know I’m me
And I’m my friend

Thinking there can never be no one
No place on land or sea that can bring such Joy as

Filling the air like an angels song.
I knew in an instant that I was wrong.
A voice cried out my forgotten name
Which took me to a higher plain.

Closing my eyes and letting flow free
All of my pleasant memories.
I savored her sound for what must
have been a good while.
I turned and I fell into her wonderful smile.

We kissed a kiss like love birds do.
My Tish, My wish, My dream come true.

Then I smelt her with a deep inhale
And Felt my heart began to swell
She said “Your funny” like she always does
“Why do you do that?”
I said “Just Because”.

Suddenly it occurred to me that this was all,
all just a dream

A bolt of fear shot up my spine
Tore out my Heart and Pierced my Mind

Lucidity withered back to me soon To come reality.
The nightmare of my waking days.
The Hell created by my immature ways.

She must have sensed my panic and fear
She stroked my cheek... said “I’m right here”.

I told her that I treated her bad and in
Real Life I made her sad.
that there, she no longer cared for me
My truth I speak you can not see.
The years of tears I made you cry
Have formed a wall I can’t get by.

She said “Honey this can never Be!!
I’m your Tish, your wish, your dream...It’s me.”

We reached out for each other’s hand
as if we could avoid the Waking land.
Like in reality, I failed to reach in time
Now my Tish is no longer mine.

A Rude awakening in a strangers home
No scent of Tish, I’m all alone.
On my knees I fall and pray
“Oh Lord, please help me through this day”

I ask that he take away my pain!

I fall asleep and await that Train